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Allan Power

Allan Power has a vast knowledge of the President Coolidge; he is the man they call 'Mr President'. Over 40 years ago, Allan came to Santo on a photograghic expedition and has remained to become the 'caretaker' of this magnificent underwater adventure.

With over 15,000 dives on the wreck his knowledge is unarguably unrivaled. He has spent a total bottom time of more than one and a half years diving her and has taken over 20,000 divers to visit the Lady alone as well as  frequently guiding divers to other parts of the ship. His connection with the amazing Boris is legendary and only Allan could charm this massive Cod- many have tried, without success - and to this day Allan quite misses Boris. 
After a morning's dive, share coffee/tea and sweet buns (cakes) with Allan in his house. Here you can listen to his experiences, ask questions about the Coolidge, her history, diving around Santo and meet your fellow divers. His house is a mini-museum where he has books and photographs of the Coolidge and Santo.

In 2010 it was announced that Allan was to be inducted into the International SCUBA Diving Hall of Fame in 2011. This award is recognition of nearly fourty years of diving the SS President Coolidge and over that time creating one of the best known, safely diveable, world class dive sites.

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