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Coral Garden

A colourful range of hard and soft corals grace theĀ 4 meter (14 feet) safety stop. For the longer decompression stops, those minutes tick by quickly in this wonderful coral garden. It's also a great place for an introductory dive.

Allan and his team have carefully nurtured the diverse range of hard and soft corals and a wide range of anenomes and their hosts. In this great habitat, fish life flourishes with lion fish, leaf fish, butterfly fish, anenome fish, damsel fish, angel fish, sweet lips, cardinals, groupers, squirrel fish, ghost pipe fish, trumpet fish, gobies living harmoniously with dozer shrimps. Mantis shrimps and moray eels are also found at the garden.

It is worth remembering that the Coral Garden is unique to Coolidge divesites and be prepared for neighbouring divers having a peek at this fish wonderland.

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